Who can participate?

A campaign for all!

FAFCE offers this campaign to family organisations and associations, and to all families, in all EU Member States.

All families can participate in this campaign, either directly or indirectly:

Direct participation:

- Write to your candidates and ask them to sign the campaign manifesto!
- Inform your family members, friends, neighbours, parents’ associations, etc. about this manifesto and invite them to vote for family friendly candidates!
- Raise awareness around you of the importance of the EU elections and the opportunity to elect clearly identified family friendly candidates!

Indirect participation:

If you are member of a family association or organisation encourage them to take part in the campaign!

How can you participate?

The campaign is divided into 2 parts: before and after the elections.

Before the elections the main tool is our manifesto.

Family associations and families are invited to contact and invite candidates in their respective Member States to sign the manifesto.


All signed manifestos should be sent as a pdf to FAFCE’s coordinator: info@voteforfamily2019.eu

A record of the signatories will be kept and continuously updated by our coordinator.
The number of signed manifestos and the respective country will be continuously published on this website.

On 15 May, the International Day of the Family, the names of the signatories will be revealed in order to clearly identify the candidates who commit to family mainstreaming of EU policies.

After the elections

Once the elections are over all the elected candidates who signed the manifesto will be contacted to inquire how they wish to implement the principles contained in the manifesto.
FAFCE will provide a detailed proposal based on each point of the manifesto that can be presented to the candidates.

Where can I find the candidates from my country who signed the manifesto?


A list of the candidates who signed the manifesto will be available on this website on 15 May 2019, the International Day of the Family.